05 July 2011

Bald boys

After the Memorial Day haircut

Before the cut

That's a lot of hair

Memorial Day Haircut

Skullet with corn rows
Matching dos

Matching outfits even
Lollipop was the trick to having him sit still so I could braid his hair.

Water fun


May 2011

The best big sister EVER!
He sometimes LOVES corn. I say sometimes because he changes his mind about different foods he likes every day.

Mom and dad on a date, so hangin out with Aunt Trina. She bought some wonderfully delish monster cupcakes. YUM!

Museum with friends

Ella's friend Jack
Ev as a soldier
Becca and Jack and us
Ella as a soldier

More Easter

Kids having laughs with silly David

After the hunt
He's really concerned about finding those eggs

Wookah and Ev just relaxing after a long hunt


Animals at the Zoo

At the Zoo

Spring 2011

Ella and Fiona playing at the park in twinner dresses

Ella and Josh on a "date"