17 August 2011

Before haircutAfter haircut

Ella's First School Day!

Her uniform, her backpack blends in with her shirt

Getting ready to go in! She is excited!
Little smarty pants
Everett insisted on posing for her first day too.

New Place

Coolest ramp ever, the kids love going down it!
Off to Church we go.
Back Deck
Back yard
They love the trampoline

05 July 2011

Bald boys

After the Memorial Day haircut

Before the cut

That's a lot of hair

Memorial Day Haircut

Skullet with corn rows
Matching dos

Matching outfits even
Lollipop was the trick to having him sit still so I could braid his hair.

Water fun


May 2011

The best big sister EVER!
He sometimes LOVES corn. I say sometimes because he changes his mind about different foods he likes every day.

Mom and dad on a date, so hangin out with Aunt Trina. She bought some wonderfully delish monster cupcakes. YUM!

Museum with friends

Ella's friend Jack
Ev as a soldier
Becca and Jack and us
Ella as a soldier

More Easter

Kids having laughs with silly David

After the hunt
He's really concerned about finding those eggs

Wookah and Ev just relaxing after a long hunt


Animals at the Zoo