16 April 2008

Brad's Soccer Game

Cheering for Daddy. Go number 18!!!

Ella's new chair to sit and watch the soccer game. As you can see, she's really excited about it.

Soccer Game: Friends

Wookee and Sasha

Ella and Josh(Sasha's son)

Josh the Swede

Soccer Game: Little moocher

Aunt Sasha's snacks just taste better mom!

Soccer Game: Under my umbrella ella eh eh ella ella

14 April 2008

Tent in Ella's room

Ella likes to get a blanket to put on top of an old baby-lay-down toy she has and then she reads her books under it. It's her tent. She calls it a "pent". Daddy joins her in her "pent" adventure.

There's a bear outside our tent!

05 April 2008

Enjoying wonderful weather

Ella in Spring

So exhausted!

So We put Ella down for a nap in her bed, and when we went to go wake her up, this is how we found her. It looks like she was starting to get out of bed, but decided she was too tired. Apparently she was too tired to climb back into bed as well : )

Being cool with Pooh

Just hanging out in a guitar case

New Big Girl Bed