26 December 2006


Merry Christmas to all!

Ella's First Christmas

Yea for new toys!
Mmmm... I'd like to chew on that.
A pile just for me.
Opening my first present.
This wrapping paper is so tasty. It's much more interesting than the actual present.

17 December 2006

Diaper Baby

No clothes for this baby. She likes to feel free.

07 December 2006

Crying Comfort

We are not perfect parents, but we try our best to make her happy.

02 December 2006

Wanted: Ella Ruth

Warning: Has a tendency to drool on her prey. Beware of sharp teeth, and stinky odors coming from her bottom.

Ella and Friends

27 November 2006

Sunday Dress

What a pretty little girl we have here.

18 November 2006

Ready for Snow

Cold weather won't affect this cute snow bunny!

09 November 2006


"Splish Splash I was takin' a bath..."

06 November 2006


Ella's first time holding a bottle by herself.

Eating Time!

This is a two man job!

30 October 2006

17 October 2006

The Terrys

She's a beautiful addition to our little family.


Here's the baby with a million expressions.

George Mason University

Ella's got school spirit.

14 October 2006

Indoor Soccer

I'm daddy's best cheerleader when he's playing soccer.

Thumbs Up

Thumbs up to all my fans out there!

10 October 2006

Brand Spankin New

Born May 16th, 21 inches long, 7 lbs. 5 oz

All Smiles

"Smiling's my favorite!"

08 October 2006


Daddy's already teaching me how to pwn n00bs on World of Warcraft.


Yea, my first ride on Daddy's shoulders! The best part is the tasty bush on top of his head!