15 November 2009

North Carolina

Playing in a fountain

Making friends with the fish

Disney on Ice

Flipping off the camera like her daddy
She's really excited can't you tell?
I love this picture!
The crazy Terry Fam
Wow Cheeser!

Halloweeny Time

The Beautiful Flying Mermaid!
Aunt Katrina, Cousin Adaline, and Ella
The Man butterfly, the VERY pregnant lady and their mermaid daughter. Pretty standard modern family I think
The Butterfly and her cousin the flying mermaid

She loved that she got to wear sparkles and makeup

Pumpkin Patch

Her new grumpy posing face
Having fun with buddies at the pumpkin patch
There's that grumpy face again!


Fire Station Spaghetti Dinner

Daddy, Wooka, and fire fighter Ella
Ya, the wheel is taller than she is
A fun night out with Wooka and Eileen, yummy spaghetti!
This was her FAVORITE. She loved sparky

Happiest girl around town

Over due postings of Ella

Nationals game July 3rd

Our first home grown tomato! A very proud moment

Ella the expert giving swimming instructions to cousin Terry.