09 November 2007


We've shrunk!
Little Ellabug on big chair

Pumpkin Patch 1

"Chooo Chooo!"

Just like old westerns climbing on top of the train

Pumpkin Patch 2

Farmer Ella

Pumpkin Patch 3

More slides

Definitely more fun for mommy than for Ellabug

Pumpkin Patch 4

Just arriving, this bug does not like being strapped down
Our little ladybug anticipating her first flight.
Her first take-off down the slippery slides
The slides turned her head first and on her tummy (needless to say, she needs to work a little on her flying)

Happy Halloween!

Lady bug with crazy unknown bug
Her purse was her trick-or-treat bag

Trunk or Treat

Little Climber


07 August 2007

Bartschi Family Reunion

Ella and CousinsUncle Chris with Ella and Kambri, Aunt Deborah with Carter, and Uncle Joe
Adaline, Kassidy, Ashley, Bronson, Aunt Katrina and Ella
Carter Sitting with Ella

Adaline and Hannah Pushing Ella

Ella's Graduation?

Daddy's Graduation